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              Sustainable operations are changing, and we’re seeing a shift from a pure lowest-cost focus to one of sustainable supply chains that are purposefully designed around diverse performance metrics.


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              Continuous Design Outsmarts Disruption: A Blueprint for Supply Chain Resiliency
              In this ebook we discuss how continuous design can reduce risk, improve resilience, and turn supply chain challenges into a competitive advantage.
              Risk, Resiliency, and Supply Chain Modeling
              Supporting Supply Chain Resiliency by Embracing the Principles of Continuous Design
              While supply chain leaders have often prioritized factors such as visibility, cost, and speed, growing disruption in the past decade has led many to take…
              2021 The Year for Companies to Build Supply Chain Resiliency
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              Corporations, in a bid to meet consumer demand, are now following the same hoarding trends that consumers practiced at the beginning of the pandemic.
              Responses to Pandemic Ills That Slow the Recovery
              The Upside of COVID-19 Pandemic-Induced Truck Driver Shortages

              Featured Institutions
              Thunderbird School of Global Management

              Arizona State University - Thunderbird School of Global Management

              Thunderbird has been one of the top-ranked…

              Caltech CTME

              Caltech CTME

              Caltech CTME delivers customized executive programs for the world’s most demanding technology-driven…

              University of Denver University College

              The University of Denver offers the first 21st century approach to supply chain through the graduate program in Supply…

              in Transportation

              LTL and Freight Transportation Overview with Old Dominion Freight Line
              Logistics Management Group News Editor Jeff Berman recently spoke with Dave Bates, senior vice president of operations, for Thomasville, North…

              4 Ways Technology Can Help Transportation Fleets Enhance the Driver Experience
              For fleets of all shapes and sizes, their in-cab technology choices can play a crucial role in improving the driver experience and ultimately…

              Looking at railroad activity Inside The Beltway with Ian Jefferies, President and CEO, AAR
              In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media Supply Chain Group, welcomes back Ian Jefferies, President and CEO of the Association…

              in Warehouse/DC

              What is Intelligent Automation and How Does it Benefit My Business Now and into the Future?
              Intelligent Automation is the convergence of ‘smart’ technologies with automated processes to elevate business process automation and helps…

              Collaboration Between Warehouse Workers and Robots
              Lucas Systems, announced a partnership with Silicon Valley-based Fetch Robotics to enable the next generation of smart warehouses.

              Toyota Material Handling Accelerates Manufacturing Operations
              Toyota Material Handling surpasses milestone with 750,000 forklifts now manufactured in North America.

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              in Supply Chain

              The Future of Global Supply Chains & Sustainable Operations
              Sustainable operations are changing, and we’re seeing a shift from a pure lowest-cost focus to one of sustainable supply chains that are purposefully…

              Talking Supply Chain Podcast: Reshoring and Near-Shoring Shake Up
              On this episode, Rosemary Coates discusses what’s happening with reshoring, near-shoring and off-shoring in today’s global supply chains…

              Talking Supply Chain Podcast: It’s a Great Time to be in Procurement
              On this episode, author Elouise Epstein discusses the changes transforming procurement, and the procurement professional. SCMR’s Editorial…

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              in Tech & Business

              What Will The Global Semiconductor Supply Chain Could Look Like in 2030?
              For the last five years, the semiconductor industry has been incredibly volatile, with abrupt shifts in geopolitical relations, devastating natural…

              Industry Leaders & Analysts Expect the Global Chip Shortage to Extend into 2023
              Recently, electronics industry leaders and foundry service provider executives expressed their belief that the chip shortage will persist into…

              The 7 Core Capacities of Supply Chain Resilience
              While companies should understand and mitigate their exposure to supply chain risk, we believe that many become obsessed with risk assessment…